"as a developer, I like dealing directly with homeowners... making the first contact...being part of the excitement that's generated when planning and building a new home."


A walk with Roger is the perfect opportunity to see what's available – even before it's available at The Woods of Jennings Creek. And a chance to reserve the lot that best suits your new home plans.

"Most buyers know what kind of house they want but need assistance in selecting a lot and then positioning their home on the lot. It can be a tricky business. I take great pride in helping our buyers avoid any pitfalls in making that decision."

Architectural Control will be strictly adhered to – throughout our entire community.

The 68.6 acre Woods of Jennings Creek is in our opinion the finest most picturesque, well-located parcel of residential land in all of Lindsay! It stretches from Angeline St. North on the west, to the hiking trail known as the Victoria Rail Trail on the east.

After seven years of planning, we received draft approval for Phase 1 of our plan consisting of 58 single family lots, and a huge 28.6 acre parcel of undulating, wooded, natural parkland and open space, with the picturesque Jennings Creek running through it – a whopping 42% of our entire site. When fully completed, The Woods of Jennings Creek will provide housing for 236 families in a variety of housing forms.

"We looked for a site in a natural setting with a special quality. Attractive and welcoming. The Woods of Jennings Creek is one of the few sites of its kind and it's not likely there'll be more of them in the near future."

So bring your walking shoes. Your plans. And your dreams. And come early!

Come take a walk with Roger. It's a step in the right direction. If you'd like more information call Roger Cunnington or Louis Devor at (416) 638-5844 and have a look at our videos, featuring lots of great events held over the years, like tree planting & creek cleanup.

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